Massage, Raindrop, and Essential Oils

CARE Essential Oil Chemistry Classes

Many of us have been afraid of chemistry classes- thinking it is much too complicated for us to comprehend.  David Stewart has prepared a delightful class that helps us understand oils and their components and structures.

The C.A.R.E. Chemistry Class is in 2 sessions:

Chem I and Chem II.  It is suggested that you take both at once although you can take them separately in order-  certificate is earned upon completion of both sessions.

Students will:

·         Become familiar with the periodic table of elements

·         Learn the basic elements vital to life and most involved in our structure as well as the structure of the molecules of essential oils

·         Understand the types of structures that may be in essential oils and their general impact or action.

·         Learn that the nose is tremendously sensitive and can detect subtle differences in molecular shape.

·         Learn that molecules can be constructed or damaged under various scenarios

·         Learn how the treatment of the plant, the harvest, the distillation and bottling methods impact the quality of the essential oil obtained.

·         Learn about the limitation of certain standards with respect to knowing the quality of the oil

This is a delightful departure from the memorization of Organic Chemistry. The inclusion of oils throughout the class increases enjoyment, understanding, and retention of the materials.

An excellent course for anyone wanting to understand why there is a difference between effectiveness of oils and for those who want to begin to understand their health from a cellular and molecular perspective.

No Prerequisites!  No class limits!