In Dallas: Massage, Raindrop, and Essential Oils

Services Available

At RaindropTexas, we offer:


An integrative approach to massage using Swedish to understand the problem areas that may need more specific work such as Myofascia release, Trigger Point treatment, Neuromuscular work, circular friction work on specific muscle attachment areas, trigger point therapy, or other deeper focused approaches to encourage relaxation, neural communication, circulation and movement.

Treatment Plans and Packages are also available.  

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Raindrop Technique –

A marvelous session using therapeutic quality essential oils and Vita Flex hand techniques as well as hand techniques from the ancient Lakota Sioux people to give you a relaxing and extremely therapeutic session.  The feet and spinal areas are gently encouraged to send their electrical communication to all parts of the body.  Along with that signal, the molecules of the oils are carried to perform their work on all parts of the body.   The technique is relaxing, allowing the recipient to participate in their own health in a contemplative mode.  The technique encourages communication throughout the body.  The oils serve to enhance the immune system, support the circulatory system, defeat disease organisms, and can help loosen toxins (both metabolic wastes and petrochemical accumulations) to aid in your cleansing routines.

At many world renown spas, this treatment goes for over $200 for a 90 minute session. Here in your own hometown, you can benefit from the powerful therapeutic quality essential oils and save a lot of cash!

A basic Raindrop technique is usually about an hour long and is $110.  Longer sessions include more focused work using additional oils and VitaFlex Techniques. (We use only Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils from Young Living- read Distillation and Purity .)

A great Health program would be to have regular weekly massage and a monthly Raindrop Technique.  I do Raindrop for you even if you are “coming down with something”— it may just aid your recovery!

VitaFlex Services-

Vita Flex is an energy moving hand technique brought to us from Tibet by Stanley Burroughs (see “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” by Stanley Burroughs) Based on the body’s piezoelectric capabilities to send messages (electrical signals) via the nerve system upon the experience of pressure or touch, Vita Flex means- “vitality through the reflexes.”  A Vitaflex session will address various body areas, including lungs and respiratory system, colon and digestive system, ears, head, and others, using appropriate therapeutic quality essential oils for each.


Also available-  Emotional Release with Essential Oils.

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for spiritual uplift, and clearing of negative spirits.  The constituents of therapeutic quality essential oils are the same as they were thousands of years ago (that is what makes the difference between therapeutic quality and perfume or flavor quality).  In this session, a contemplative mood and introspection is enhanced with the application of the oils and selected affirmative prayer to allow the client to release those fears and anxieties etc. that are no longer positively serving them.  Such emotions fall away like layers of an onion, with those that are ready to be released being the first to roll away.

First hour $100 each additional hour is, $50.  Plan on 2 1/2 hours for a session.