Is TMJ Massage For YOU?

Many people are a bit unsure about the term TMJ when it is used in a sentence with massage.   TmjPub

Well, The TMJ is the name of the joint between the temporal bone (part of the skull)  and the mandible (jaw bone).  So we all have 2 of those joints.

Issues related to the joint range in severity:

  • From simple tension that makes you want to keep quiet for awhile to tension powerful enough to cause clenching or grinding of the teeth.
  • From periodic clicks or pops in the jaw to constant clacking with any movement
  • From aches that make you not want to yawn to outright cramping or spasms in the musculature around the joint
  • BIG HEADACHES may result from the tension in the muscles associated with the jaw and neck

There is also a variety of causal factors:

  • Chewing gum, speaking all day, long periods in the dental chair,
  • Playing musical instruments requiring air to be blown by the mouth to make sound.
  • Head and neck forward posture (also indicative of other muscle issues.)

Massage techniques to ease the musculature in the jaw and neck area can help just about anyone!

More people in America are beginning to realize that massage is not just for relaxation and is truly far more than just a good firm lotion rubbing.  Therapeutic Massage Techniques should be considered as a “first string player” and companion to many of your other health services.

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