High Heels Cause Foot Problems? Duh!

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Dallas Morning News today ran an article about foot pain and other foot issues and the relationship with high heels.  The image shown reminds me of that old Steve Martin comedy IMG_20130608_0001routine “The Cruel Shoes”.   BUT I see people in these sorts of shoes everyday!

I do not know how women even walk in them since the soles are so thick that the shoes do not bend.  The wearer has to do a sort of modified sashay-march.    These shoes and the movement compensation that must be made to be mobile in them may cause more damage than the issues listed in the article:

Listed are:

  • Calluses and Corns– nuggets of keratin build up caused by the pressure on the skin (Bones inside and Shoe outside meet at the skin)
  • Neuromas– Pinches nerves between the toes cause by not having enough room in the toe area AND the squashing that the toes experience from the steep angle that the foot is forced into inside the shoe-  topped by the gravitational pull of the body weight.
  • Capsulitis– Joint inflammation in the toes, foot bones, or even ankle area
  • Achilles tendon tightness-  THIS is because of the shortening of the calf muscles which are attached at the Achilles tendon- THIS can cause some very real problems – even tears or strains.
  • Plantar Fasciitis– Inflammation and pain along bottom surface of the foot.  This may be just a short few minutes in the morning or may last all day!
  • Fractures, or cracks in the bones of the feet.-  This about it, take your body weight and think about the momentum with which you walk.  Up to 200 times your body weight may be being placed on a tiny surface of the foot as the foot strikes the ground.

Guys-  Dont think that you are immune!  Check how tightly the blankets pull your feet into this toe pointed position… whenever your heel is at a higher level than the toes, the calf muscles are shortened.  If left in this position repeatedly, or for long periods, the muscles may get comfortable in that short position and then will cause a tug on the achilles tendon when you flatten the foot out again.  It’s just the way the body works, one muscle group long, one will be short.  BOTH may hold issues for us.  We just need to learn what to do to keep normal function.

photo of hammertoes


Here to the left  is one result fromfoot abuse: Its called Hammertoes.

What to do?  Choices are always available.

 Pick 3 or 4 and DO them!

  • Give up the shoes- wear shorter heels
  • Limit the time spent wearing them
  • EXERCISE and STRETCH the appropriate muscles to keep the calf and foot muscles balanced.
  • GET MASSAGES!  This should be a MUST anyway!  Keep the calf muscles from cramping, ease the foot ache.
  • Use Essential Oils to ease the aches and pains of the muscles.
  • Use Magnesium topically as a lotion or foot and body soak to replenish the magnesiumin your muscles after abusing them!  Get it  here

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