Essential Oils Beat Pink Eye!

Here is a Real Life Experience with Pink Eye and Essential Oils!


Over the holidays we went to my brother’s house where they had been passing around pinkeye and a bacterial infection.  They had been to the doctor several times, antiobotics, eyedrops, etc. They were concerned about us coming for fear that we would catch it. I put Thieves oil on our feet and a lavendar dilution around our eyes. We spent 2 days and one night. My sister-in-law called said that her family that had come had gotten both infections and wanted to know if we had gotten sick. Of course, we had not! My nephew came home with red eyes and she thought “here we go again”, she put the solution on him and the next morning he was perfectly clear.  She has requested Thieves oil in a 55 gallon drum (lol) and more pinkeye solution. 


I heard that Texas is having the worst cases of flu already, the stomach bug is going around and the weather is causing allergies to go haywire.  Protect your families the natural way, the way God intended, with Young Living Essential Oils. The only THERAPEUTIC grade oil company in the US. (  Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a Healthy New Year!!!!

Bekki LeMage, Licensed Spiritual Healer

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