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Here is a very long but very interesting article about stretching research.  The author has revised it since its original 2011 release and he has added footnotes, videos and humor.   Save Yourself 

The summary and conclusion of the article regarding the efficacy of stretching  is here:



So how can we get flexible?  How can we help our muscles elongate and keep our good nerve signals moving?

I propose that the answer is:


Magnesium is absolutely needed for the relaxation of a muscle fiber after the initial Calcium induced contraction.  This is for every muscle cell and fiber!  So no wonder stretching is not very conclusive as a tool for ease of pain and gain in ROM-  Everyone has a different magnesium to calcium ratio!

Start with soaking in Epsom salts… Graduate to Magnesium Bath Flakes  and Magnesium Oil  or Magnesium Lotion .  There is even a new product out there that contains magnesium and melatonin.   All are helpful to get the levels of magnesium up to be more in balance with calcium in our overly-calcium-fortified-processed- and-junk-food world.

Even those of you who are vegetarians or careful of what you eat—  the foods will not have a significant level of magnesium unless there is magnesium in the soil where the plants grew.  (There MUST  be at least some because Chlorophyll contains magnesium atoms- but we are talking about enough to balance our calcium!  And most of us are already OVERLY calcium fortified.)

Just remember Calcium contracts a muscle- Magnesium relaxes it.  We also need Potassium and Sodium for the pump that “opens the gate” for the Ca/Mg exchange.

Ask yourself  Do I get enough magnesium?

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Prevent Joint Replacement Surgery?

“Joint Replacement Surgery on the Rise” –

This is a headline in the Dallas Morning News Health and Fitness Section and its scary.  Osteoarthritis is said to be the most common reason for joint replacement.

A Feb 2012 study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery cited a “disproportionate increase in total knee replacements among younger patients.” The study also concludes that the aging population and rising rates of obesity – two reasons often cited to explain the trend – can’t account for the rise.

Dr. Joseph Borelli a Dallas Area orthopedic surgeon indicates his desire for people to be more proactive in seeking treatment when they first have pain or other difficulties in their joints.  Says he “If they can prolong the life of their joint, they’re better off.”

Robert W. Bucholz, a professor of orthopedic surgery at UT Southwestern says that a combination of overuse, overloading and genetics leads to the degenerative condition where the cartilage protecting the bones breaks down.

SO what might account for rising trend and what may be a first step in being proactive?

Dr.Carolyn Dean, M.D. and Naturopath, says this of Osteoporosis, in her book,  The Magnesium Miracle

Magnesium’s role in bone health is multifaceted.

∙  Adequate levels of magnesium are essential or the absorption and metabolism of calcium.

∙ Magnesium stimulates a particular hormone, calcitonin, that helps to preserve bone structure and draws calcium out of the blood and soft tissues back into the bones, preventing some forms of arthritis and kidney stones.

∙  Magnesium suppresses another hormone called parathyroid, preventing it from breaking down bone.

∙  Magnesium converts vitamin D into its active form so that it can help calcium absorption.

∙  Magnesium is required to activate an enzyme that is necessary to form new bone.

∙  Magnesium regulates active calcium transport.

From pages 149-150 The Magnesium Miracle by Dr Carolyn Dean.

NOW- combine that information with the fact that magnesium is REQUIRED for the muscle cells to relax (calcium is needed for contracting the muscle in performing work) and you can see that by having adequate magnesium in the body:

  • you can help the muscles relax so that they are not overly pulling on the attachments -which then can squeeze and wear out the pads between the joints.


  • You can help the body to the right thing with the calcium that is floating around in the blood stream – which is put it back into the bones.

Is it that simple?  Perhaps… More research needs to be done.  Unfortunately, Magnesium is so inexpensive no one will be funding extensive research.  So it is up to us to be proactive.

Assuredly, using topical magnesium, soaking in magnesium baths, taking moderate amounts of useable magnesium orally and learning to PROPERLY use your muscles is a far sight easier to accomplish than the “internal amputation” of a joint replacement!

Ask your massage therapist if they do a Magnesium Massage!  Your muscles, heart, and more will thank you for it.