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Walk Like a DUCK?

I just love to read articles that paint an image for me.

Dr. Carolyn Dean does that when she describes an issue that I see all the time!

“Do You Walk Like a Duck”

She asks in her newsletter dated June 26.

She says

” When we walk , our toes should be pointing forward.  When thay are pointing in any other direction, they are putting strain on ankles, knees, and hips.  Its a mechanical fact that with every step, each of the joints I mentioned is rubbed the wrong way. Over time this can lead to arthritis, inflammation, pain and even the dreaded hip replacement.

On your annual medical exam, your doctor will not even notice your gait.  And if you do have ankle, knee or hip pain, you will usually be given a script for pain medication.  If you go to a chiropractor, they mught adjust your joints, but few take the time to really analyze your gait and tell you how to walk like a human and not like a duck.”

THEN she says one thing I love!

“I have no idea why you walk like a duck.”

That is an honest admission from a Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor who had anatomy in undergraduate school and some periodic   reminders or reviews as they made it through medical school  BUT did not get indepth education about the MOVEMENT relationships of the muscles and bones NOR education about the Fascial connectivity within the body!  Doctors learn a whole lot of other important things.  No one can know it ALL.  So we need to learn to work together IF our goal is health for our client/patients.

As a massage therapist interested in the therapeutic impact of massage – to help YOU – I DO know the muscles involved in helping to keep you walking like a duck.  And I know how to work on them and what you may be doing on a daily or nightly basis to reinforce the positioning that keep you duck walking.

THEN she says another thing I LOVE-

“…what can you do about duck walking?  … First saturate yourself with magnesium to loosen your muscles….”

I LOVE this!  Some of you already know I am practically a nut about magnesium in massage and for home use.

Chemically, your muscles cannot shift from a contracted state to a relaxed state without magnesium to replace the calcium that created the contraction.  Massage helps to move the body fluids around within the cells etc.  This will help to get a fresh supply of nutrients into the stuck areas.  BUT if you are already short on magnesium, there will not be enough for the 1,350+ other things that magnesium is used for in the body!

So think for just a minute…If you really need 500 to 750 milligrams of magnesium daily (or more- much depends on size and activity level and believe it or not, your stress levels!)  and you are already short (there will be follow up articles on that because the Serum Magnesium Test is practically worthless as an indicator of anything other than why you had a heart attack)  You  need to have more!

Well, magnesium supplements typically speed up the digestive system especially if you take too much quickly.  So the next best way to get that nutrient is topically.  (Don’t get me wrong, supplements are still good, you just have to be aware.)

Come get a magnesium massage, purchase topicals for your use at home.  Get a better night’s sleep and put an end to those muscle spasms and the stubborn tightness that keeps our massage work from being as fully wonderful as it could be!   Seriously, massage needs magnesium too to do you the best good.  Located at Hillcrest and LBJ in Dallas Texas!

Check Dr. Dean’s book.  “The Magnesium Miracle”  (I have this one available in the office)

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