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To Friends and Clients

image of Teena doing massage

As you may know, I have been working toward my LUT certification for some time now.  I am at last to the point of the first Unity Village visit for Leadership Training.

In order to finance this trip, it has become necessary to do some last-minute fund-raising.  (Here are the Estimated Expenses)

In that regard, I am offering a DEEP Discount on pre- paid massage certificates through the end of October.  Certificates will expire April 30, 2018.  You may purchase as many or as few as you like.

  • My Normal Therapeutic Massage Price is $85 per hour
  • My normal Package Discount is 15% off when one purchases 5 or more at once- or Monthly subscription.

THIS DEAL!  STARTS at $50 per hour of massage!

    • To encourage early purchase to assure I have the funds for the trip, I am using a graduated Sale Price and limited quantities at each price.
      • $50 – Limited Availability- (This is the lowest price I have EVER offered!)  SOLD OUT- THANK YOU!
      • $55 – Limited Availability SOLD OUT – THANK YOU!
      • $60 – to $75 lots more certificates are available
      • The whole deal ends November 15.
    • You are encouraged to use them by January 31, 2018.  Expiry is April 30, 2018.
    • You can order as many as you want- it helps me with my trip if you buy more BUT please be considerate of others who may have less financial resources who also need massage.
    • As always, Upgrades are allowed (Essential oils, Raindrop, Magnesium, Hot Stones)
      • You may also use these for the Posture Exercise Program
    • As always, you can share them with others- just let me know who!
      • If  you want an actual printed massage gift certificate, please let me know and provide a mailing address.

      Teena’s LUT Fund Massage Sale

      NOTE:  If the price level has been sold out, you will be sent to a page where you can select the next price level, sometimes this can take a few seconds to load.)

Not in Dallas and Want to Help?

If you want to make a contribution to help me on this journey-  there is also a contribution button.  (All monies will be claimed as income and properly taxed.)


Leadership One

Estimated Expenses for Leadership Week at Unity Village:
Psychological Evaluation $565.00
Tuition Leadership 1 $560.00
Flight $450.00
Ground Transport $150.00
Parking at Dallas $100.00
Hotel -6 nights@$104 + tax $700.00
Food – 7 days $200.00
Pet Sitting $120.00
Self Employed Income Opportunity $1,200.00
Total $4,045.00

I will endeavor to find ways to reduce these costs where possible, all plans have not been solidified yet.

Your Support is much appreciated!

With Blessings,