In Dallas: Massage, Raindrop, and Essential Oils

VitaFlex Technique

VitaFlex uses the body’s piezo-electric capabilities and some of the same reflex points used in Reflexology and Accupressure to send messages to the brain and to the connected organs through the nerves. There are points for most parts of the body on the feet and hands, on the legs, ears, and other places.

Vit Flex is basically a rolling motion with the finger pads, tips, and then the nails.  The signal is generated when the pressure begins, and rolling onto the tips and over to the nail bed allows a grounding of the signal.   Because the rolling motion is repeated many times, each time moving a little father along the chosen path, the signals start, stop, start, stop.  This gets the attention of the brain and the organ connected at the other end of the nerve. 



Vita Flex is a powerful modality on its own, as demonstrated by the successes of Stanley Borroughs, author of “Healing for the ge of Enlightenenment” written back in the 1950’s and still pertinent today.  (You can order under the Training/Books tab on this site.)

In the Raindrop Technique, we combine VitaFlex techniques with therapeutic quality essential oils so that the electronic signal caused by the vitaflex, helps to carry the oils into the body to do thier work.

What work is that? — Glad you asked.  Site is full of information about the oils.  Feel free to peek around