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Experience this boost to your system- the oils, the hand techniques that relax as well as stimulate the body to carry the oils throughout.  Then, go deeper into your relaxation when moist, hot towels are laid on.  A wonderful treat for your body and mind!

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Pre-Pay Massage – Big Discount – Educational Fundraiser

To Friends and Clients

image of Teena doing massage

As you may know, I have been working toward my LUT certification for some time now.  I am at last to the point of the first Unity Village visit for Leadership Training.

In order to finance this trip, it has become necessary to do some last-minute fund-raising.  (Here are the Estimated Expenses)

In that regard, I am offering a DEEP Discount on pre- paid massage certificates through the end of October.  Certificates will expire April 30, 2018.  You may purchase as many or as few as you like.

  • My Normal Therapeutic Massage Price is $85 per hour
  • My normal Package Discount is 15% off when one purchases 5 or more at once- or Monthly subscription.

THIS DEAL!  STARTS at $50 per hour of massage!

    • To encourage early purchase to assure I have the funds for the trip, I am using a graduated Sale Price and limited quantities at each price.
      • $50 – Limited Availability- (This is the lowest price I have EVER offered!)  SOLD OUT- THANK YOU!
      • $55 – Limited Availability SOLD OUT – THANK YOU!
      • $60 – to $75 lots more certificates are available
      • The whole deal ends November 15.
    • You are encouraged to use them by January 31, 2018.  Expiry is April 30, 2018.
    • You can order as many as you want- it helps me with my trip if you buy more BUT please be considerate of others who may have less financial resources who also need massage.
    • As always, Upgrades are allowed (Essential oils, Raindrop, Magnesium, Hot Stones)
      • You may also use these for the Posture Exercise Program
    • As always, you can share them with others- just let me know who!
      • If  you want an actual printed massage gift certificate, please let me know and provide a mailing address.

      Teena’s LUT Fund Massage Sale

      NOTE:  If the price level has been sold out, you will be sent to a page where you can select the next price level, sometimes this can take a few seconds to load.)

Not in Dallas and Want to Help?

If you want to make a contribution to help me on this journey-  there is also a contribution button.  (All monies will be claimed as income and properly taxed.)


Leadership One

Estimated Expenses for Leadership Week at Unity Village:
Psychological Evaluation $565.00
Tuition Leadership 1 $560.00
Flight $450.00
Ground Transport $150.00
Parking at Dallas $100.00
Hotel -6 nights@$104 + tax $700.00
Food – 7 days $200.00
Pet Sitting $120.00
Self Employed Income Opportunity $1,200.00
Total $4,045.00

I will endeavor to find ways to reduce these costs where possible, all plans have not been solidified yet.

Your Support is much appreciated!

With Blessings,


September is Raindrop Month!

Special On Raindrop Technique at Raindrop Texas! Raindrop Session

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Back to School with Essential Oils!

Back to SchoolWow!  With August Autoship (Essential Rewards) the bonus products are great!

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Protected: Special Price TMJ Combo Massage – limited time

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Is TMJ Massage For YOU?

Many people are a bit unsure about the term TMJ when it is used in a sentence with massage.   TmjPub

Well, The TMJ is the name of the joint between the temporal bone (part of the skull)  and the mandible (jaw bone).  So we all have 2 of those joints.

Issues related to the joint range in severity:

  • From simple tension that makes you want to keep quiet for awhile to tension powerful enough to cause clenching or grinding of the teeth.
  • From periodic clicks or pops in the jaw to constant clacking with any movement
  • From aches that make you not want to yawn to outright cramping or spasms in the musculature around the joint
  • BIG HEADACHES may result from the tension in the muscles associated with the jaw and neck

There is also a variety of causal factors:

  • Chewing gum, speaking all day, long periods in the dental chair,
  • Playing musical instruments requiring air to be blown by the mouth to make sound.
  • Head and neck forward posture (also indicative of other muscle issues.)

Massage techniques to ease the musculature in the jaw and neck area can help just about anyone!

More people in America are beginning to realize that massage is not just for relaxation and is truly far more than just a good firm lotion rubbing.  Therapeutic Massage Techniques should be considered as a “first string player” and companion to many of your other health services.

To Book a TMJ Massage Special (45 minutes massage and 15 of TMJ work),  Click Here:


Walk Like a DUCK?

I just love to read articles that paint an image for me.

Dr. Carolyn Dean does that when she describes an issue that I see all the time!

“Do You Walk Like a Duck”

She asks in her newsletter dated June 26.

She says

” When we walk , our toes should be pointing forward.  When thay are pointing in any other direction, they are putting strain on ankles, knees, and hips.  Its a mechanical fact that with every step, each of the joints I mentioned is rubbed the wrong way. Over time this can lead to arthritis, inflammation, pain and even the dreaded hip replacement.

On your annual medical exam, your doctor will not even notice your gait.  And if you do have ankle, knee or hip pain, you will usually be given a script for pain medication.  If you go to a chiropractor, they mught adjust your joints, but few take the time to really analyze your gait and tell you how to walk like a human and not like a duck.”

THEN she says one thing I love!

“I have no idea why you walk like a duck.”

That is an honest admission from a Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor who had anatomy in undergraduate school and some periodic   reminders or reviews as they made it through medical school  BUT did not get indepth education about the MOVEMENT relationships of the muscles and bones NOR education about the Fascial connectivity within the body!  Doctors learn a whole lot of other important things.  No one can know it ALL.  So we need to learn to work together IF our goal is health for our client/patients.

As a massage therapist interested in the therapeutic impact of massage – to help YOU – I DO know the muscles involved in helping to keep you walking like a duck.  And I know how to work on them and what you may be doing on a daily or nightly basis to reinforce the positioning that keep you duck walking.

THEN she says another thing I LOVE-

“…what can you do about duck walking?  … First saturate yourself with magnesium to loosen your muscles….”

I LOVE this!  Some of you already know I am practically a nut about magnesium in massage and for home use.

Chemically, your muscles cannot shift from a contracted state to a relaxed state without magnesium to replace the calcium that created the contraction.  Massage helps to move the body fluids around within the cells etc.  This will help to get a fresh supply of nutrients into the stuck areas.  BUT if you are already short on magnesium, there will not be enough for the 1,350+ other things that magnesium is used for in the body!

So think for just a minute…If you really need 500 to 750 milligrams of magnesium daily (or more- much depends on size and activity level and believe it or not, your stress levels!)  and you are already short (there will be follow up articles on that because the Serum Magnesium Test is practically worthless as an indicator of anything other than why you had a heart attack)  You  need to have more!

Well, magnesium supplements typically speed up the digestive system especially if you take too much quickly.  So the next best way to get that nutrient is topically.  (Don’t get me wrong, supplements are still good, you just have to be aware.)

Come get a magnesium massage, purchase topicals for your use at home.  Get a better night’s sleep and put an end to those muscle spasms and the stubborn tightness that keeps our massage work from being as fully wonderful as it could be!   Seriously, massage needs magnesium too to do you the best good.  Located at Hillcrest and LBJ in Dallas Texas!

Check Dr. Dean’s book.  “The Magnesium Miracle”  (I have this one available in the office)

also see:

Dr Mildred Seeling “The Magnesium Factor”

Dr. Marc Sircus “Transdermal Magnesium”

Dr. Jay Cohen ” The Magnseium Solution”


For many of us –a vacation is simply out of the question due to schedules, finances etc.

BUT you can still get some great summertime stress relief– in your own town!

Just schedule massage!  Maybe include a dinner out or carry out and a movie!  Just relax and pamper yourself with some self kindness.

Massage stimulates the “rest and digest” systems of the body that function best when stressors are eliminated (the parasympathetic system).  Regular massage has been shown to help with blood pressure, sleeplessness, and other symptoms of this fast paced world.  Of course massage has deeper therapeutic value too, but we are keeping it light, we are on vacation!

So whether you go on vacation or not, take the time to put massage into your normal self care, health care routine…. your muscles and peace of mind will thank you for it!

Insurance MAY Cover Massage

Many clients ask about insurance and massage.  Well, the answer is not simple.

First, in Texas, massage therapists cannot bill  health insurance companies directly.  Some exceptions include when there is an auto accident for which massage is being covered as treatment under the auto insurance and some kinds of workman’s comp claims.  There may be ways to have a referral from your physician to a qualified massage  therapist and THIS may allow YOU to file the insurance claim after receiving and paying for the massage.

In general, the path you need to take to discover the answer is to communicate with your insurance provider. Here is a helpful simple article about steps you should take to see if your provider may cover massage for you…  Natural News Article about Massage and Insurance

BEFORE you talk with your doctor, though, make sure that the condition you are experiencing is generally regarded as being helped by massage. Keep a record of the pain, restricted motion, and what causes it; if there was a specific action that you recall as instigating the pain, that is incredibly helpful in many ways.

Certainly sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and TMJ fall into the category that massage is known to help and there are others.   The doctor you select will make a difference too.  Sports injury doctors will understand the injury you are experiencing, a dentist or orthodontist will understand TMJ.

There are also many TYPES of massage and many techniques performed by massage  therapists that have associated billing codes.  The billing code must correlate with a diagnosis code provided by the physician.  THIS diagnostic is the health issue for which you are seeking massage as relief.

Massage therapists are working hard to learn how to clearly document the use of massage for specific issues.  The research is difficult to design because of the wide range of variables and the difficulty of isolating specific techniques that will work for ALL of a certain type of issue- for instance fibromyalgia.  We tend to want to use techniques that we believe will help and it is often difficult to stick with a specified protocol when you know that for THIS particular client, a little ease in the tension in “THIS muscle” will help but “THIS muscle” is not in the designed protocol.

Measurements also are sometimes confusing.  Massage tends to help in so many areas, that often there are greater improvements in the areas that are more quality of life oriented and peace of mind than the actual painful or restricted area.  Also clients tend to become quickly accustomed to feeling better, and then the comparative pain levels start from there instead of recalling the initial pain levels.  Thus, pain is not a really good measure although it tends to be one that is helpful to understand the other results.  There is a significant link between pain and tension levels and the attitude or level of internal “peace” of a client.

Having increased “Peace” within by reducing tension in the musculature has been shown to help you be more productive, and have a much better outlook.  This is part of the mind- body connection.

NOTE: People who have health savings plans or cafeteria plans may have a little easier time paying for massage with the pre-tax dollars of those accounts than folks have with billing insurance.  More on that later.

High Heels Cause Foot Problems? Duh!

I have to smile! 😎

Dallas Morning News today ran an article about foot pain and other foot issues and the relationship with high heels.  The image shown reminds me of that old Steve Martin comedy IMG_20130608_0001routine “The Cruel Shoes”.   BUT I see people in these sorts of shoes everyday!

I do not know how women even walk in them since the soles are so thick that the shoes do not bend.  The wearer has to do a sort of modified sashay-march.    These shoes and the movement compensation that must be made to be mobile in them may cause more damage than the issues listed in the article:

Listed are:

  • Calluses and Corns– nuggets of keratin build up caused by the pressure on the skin (Bones inside and Shoe outside meet at the skin)
  • Neuromas– Pinches nerves between the toes cause by not having enough room in the toe area AND the squashing that the toes experience from the steep angle that the foot is forced into inside the shoe-  topped by the gravitational pull of the body weight.
  • Capsulitis– Joint inflammation in the toes, foot bones, or even ankle area
  • Achilles tendon tightness-  THIS is because of the shortening of the calf muscles which are attached at the Achilles tendon- THIS can cause some very real problems – even tears or strains.
  • Plantar Fasciitis– Inflammation and pain along bottom surface of the foot.  This may be just a short few minutes in the morning or may last all day!
  • Fractures, or cracks in the bones of the feet.-  This about it, take your body weight and think about the momentum with which you walk.  Up to 200 times your body weight may be being placed on a tiny surface of the foot as the foot strikes the ground.

Guys-  Dont think that you are immune!  Check how tightly the blankets pull your feet into this toe pointed position… whenever your heel is at a higher level than the toes, the calf muscles are shortened.  If left in this position repeatedly, or for long periods, the muscles may get comfortable in that short position and then will cause a tug on the achilles tendon when you flatten the foot out again.  It’s just the way the body works, one muscle group long, one will be short.  BOTH may hold issues for us.  We just need to learn what to do to keep normal function.

photo of hammertoes


Here to the left  is one result fromfoot abuse: Its called Hammertoes.

What to do?  Choices are always available.

 Pick 3 or 4 and DO them!

  • Give up the shoes- wear shorter heels
  • Limit the time spent wearing them
  • EXERCISE and STRETCH the appropriate muscles to keep the calf and foot muscles balanced.
  • GET MASSAGES!  This should be a MUST anyway!  Keep the calf muscles from cramping, ease the foot ache.
  • Use Essential Oils to ease the aches and pains of the muscles.
  • Use Magnesium topically as a lotion or foot and body soak to replenish the magnesiumin your muscles after abusing them!  Get it  here

In North Dallas or Park Cities- Book a great therapeutic massage with Teena at